L’occitane Pillow Mist

L’occitane Pillow Mist

What’s a pillow mist you ask?


Well, for this one in particular, is the Mist I use before I go for a good sleep. I’m starting to believe that sleep (the quality & the duration) is linked to anxiety. So one day, I was inspired and went to L’occitane pillow mist..

The pillow mist has essential oils, including lavender and bergamot but not watered down at all so what you get is the whole feeling of calm & a feeling of in the moment.

Don’t need to just use it before you go to sleep either, if you have a feeling of anxiety I spray a circle ⭕️ of this mist around me .. I feel so calm after it.

I was so excited to use this Pillow Mist, that I bought two!

Definitely recommend if you’re on the market to try something different- I love this so much that I’m tempted to buy more than two next time 😊

Hope you enjoyed this review . Have you tried this before?


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