Anxiety Post – September 2018.

Anxiety Post – September 2018.

  Hey guys & welcome back!

I’ve got a pretty lengthy post coming up here, so I’ll hope you enjoy.

Firstly, were going to talk about how I’ve been feeling and what I post usually when it comes to these type of posts, from me.

This month, I’ve even dealing a lot with my alertness and also the fact my mind is going off track  (also known as anxiety ). One thing about me is I know when something is not right. I listen to my gut feelings a lot ( sometimes it gets me into trouble, sometimes it doesn’t ) & somehow I think something is going to go wrong.

Alertness plays a big part of this and I’m trying to focus on the here and now. At times, I did well and was becoming happier.  I was actually smiling and feeling so content! I didn’t even have a social media meltdown and want to quit.

But now, my mind is going to the future and I’m trying to do some simple exercises like the ones noted below:

• focusing on something in front of me. Taking deep breaths and learning to focus on that one thing.

• learning to get a good nights sleep by using the L’occitane Pillow mist. This helps a lot and I’ve got a review coming up.

• good long walks and a good run to clear the head.

• silent prayer for the day and learning that whatever life throughs at me, I can deal with it

•  when i wake up, I’m not going straight to my phone to check my Instagram account, I’m slowly waking up, smiling and washing my face


I’m hoping that I can go back to a few weeks ago and be content again but in the mean time, I’ve had some followers ask me some questions and below are the answers:


Q) how did you react to when you were diagnosed with GAD? (General Anxiety disorder )

A) I was so unhappy because I thought I had put depression and mental health behind me But even the strongest can get it

Q) you taking tablets for them?

No, I got prescribed for them but I didnt want to take them. I preferred to beat it, naturally. ( it’s called being stubborn 😂)



Anyway guys that’s it for me, I hope you enjoyed it 😊

Love Jenet