Business Chicks 2018

Business Chicks 2018

Wow, what an experience..


Business chicks is a phenomenal experience and a ground breaking way of reminding ourselves… we’re amazing!

So many women, empowering women..  I could feel the positive-ness in the air.

I learnt a bit at the event but mostly I was absorbing  the atmosphere. From all of the stalls to the coffee shops and food trucks as well some bars.. this place was full of businesses..

I found a lot of shops from Fashion, Shoes & Chocolate to Makeup and Skincare as well as wellbeing. It was so good to met the brands as well as hear snippets of the hosts on the stage.  The one speech that moved me, was from Megan Hess. She was not only beautiful on insta but also in real life.

One thing I know personally, is that women juggle so much and often we forget that we can only do 1 thing at a time. Say for myself for instance. I am doing my own photography, editing, makeup, shoot location, styling and content creating. How much more can I do? & how much more can I take on to show myself that I am successful?

I really enjoyed myself but was extremely grateful for Business Chicks to offer me 2 tickets to hand to my followers. I gave 1 away and kept the other ticket to myself so I was able to attend..

well, anyway, till next year..