How to turn your life around: 101

How to turn your life around: 101

  Life.. It can be awesome one day and horrible the next.. Sometimes the horrible can stick around for a while. Trust me I know.. This post is going to be 100% real. If that’s what you’re after, them keep reading.


After my dad died, my world was pulled under me. I felt so lost, confused and disheartened.  It took me a long time to get back on my feet. I went through to so much as well as the loss of my dad. Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress. It was so much for someone my age to experience.

But now, 4 and a half years later, I feel like I’ve bounced back. Of course, i wanted to do a blog post about it so here are some tips that will help you bounce back in some way.

• life is life. None of us come out alive and the main thing to remember is, be a good person, spread help, love and respect. Be someone that they would be proud of.

•  I was a negative Nancy for a while but in the end but you literally need to accept that it has happened and it’s time to turn your life around.  Pick up your big girl (or boy) pants and smile.

• kiss your parents feet if you can do it and understand they’re people too, just older versions of us, they too make mistakes. Forgive them, accept their apology & take them out for a coffee. Also understanding their background can make you aware of how they deal with things. I find when you look after your parents and respect them, life is much easier.

• donate : not just money for people but time.

• did you wake up today?  Say thank you

• appreciate the little things of everything & everyone. Trust me, when you do that a whole world opens up.

•  look at your haters in the eye and smile – kill them with kindness if you have to.

• forgive your enemies for whatever you or they have done but don’t forget.

• let go

• see a counsellor. If your friends won’t understand you, maybe a stranger will.

• keep a handful of friends close to your side.

• LISTEN to people and be there for them. But they need to do the same for you.

• take up a short-term course of something you’ve always wanted to learn.

•  do something your future self would be happy you did. Mine was building a house and blog 😊

• don’t do something you hate. If you’re unhappy with your job – change it.

• simplify your life. This applies to your clothes, shoes, Bags and people

• In regards to the previous point, if they make you unhappy, confront, resolve & If no resolve cut them out. ( I can be ruthless 😂)

• stop waiting around for life to change, you have to change it yourself.




Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it 😊



take care, Jenet