Age is just a number

Age is just a number
This is a bit of tongue in cheek humour. Enjoy 😉

  How often do you get asked for your age? I get asked a lot but the majority of people say much younger than I am. I’m 33, in case you didn’t know.

I did a poll on Instagram, asking if my followers wanted to see a fun post about what to expect and how life from your 20’s to your 30’s change. Sometimes for the better but most of the time, its now what you expect. Here are some fun facts


• it’s a Friday, in your 20’s you leave to go out at 10:30. In my 30’s, I’m in bed by 9 pm or if I’m lucky, 10:30!

• you will pay the bill for the 20 year olds as that’s what you do.

• immediately picking up the latest craziest fashion fad has gone. I prefer my own style and know what trend to follow.

• you literally don’t have time for much, as working and paying bills has come your priority.

• gone are the days, when your weekend was full with social events. I now work, come home and I couldn’t be happier.

• I personally, at the awkward age of my 30’s of when I feel like I’m in my 20’s and look like it. But when I talk to someone in their 20’s, I feel my age!

• I am tired and that’s all there is too it!

•my days off from work use to be full of social things and catching up with friends for a coffee or a good feed. Now, it’s paying bills and catching up on rest cause yes, I am 80

• coffee will forever be your friend as you need the energy to survive

• in regards to coffee, grabbing one is a social outing for me now

• I now cheat on fashion with furniture and “home”


Writing this post has made me laugh and made my day kinda 😂


Enjoy and talk soon



This is a bit of tongue in cheek humour. Enjoy 😉