Anxiety – a mental health issue – July

Anxiety  – a mental health issue – July

You guys asked for it and here I’m giving it to you. We’re going to talk about a big issue that is common in today’s millennials. Mental health.

I myself, suffer from anxiety – just General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and this post was an outlet for me to give you updates on how I felt for this month. So here goes:

July was a hard month. I lost my grandfather on the 1st of July & that has not helped. It’s sad for me but at the same time he has lived his life well passed my dad could so it’s just life. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But the other day I had this reason for not sleeping. Anxiety kills your brain cells as much as no sleep can do. For some reason my body was wired with worry that I couldn’t explain. My brain was working like it’s no ones business but also my body was so tired. I am just tired so tired. I remember I use to say that when I was younger ( you know I had anxiety back in the day and I didn’t even realise till my dad died) and people older than me said “ what time do you go to bed? You need to get to sleep earlier love?!” That wasn’t the case. I was and stil am, mentally tired.

Anyway, this month I decided to start doing meditating and I downloaded the app “ smiling mind” through my App Store and have been getting my mental alertness back. I’m hoping this is a good start for the future but I got to remember to be in the here and now. Cause that’s all that matters at this point

Anywho, this was my first post for the mental health addition. I’ll be doing these posts every month to give you some insight and my story ❤️



take care all ❤️