It’s Been a year

It’s Been a year

Since I moved into my own place. I have learnt so much so I wanted to share my experience with you all and here we go:


– it’s so hard to do things alone but in the end it is worth it

– even though I’ve been there for peoples success and supported them – I’ve only received a handful of support back.

– people that are actually happy for you, will come to see your hard work

– white makes everything look bigger

– paying a mortgage is far better than dead money

– keeping everything neutral was a great decision

– I’ve done this on my own, breathe and be proud 😊

– Kmart is my bestie

– but for the things that matter, pick quality.

– learn to cut the amount of “things “ down. It will be a b•••• to move.

– things break down – they’re just things

– asking mama to come live with me, was the best thing I have ever done. She’s happy now. I’m happy

– you can’t do it all so quickly. A flat bed sheet is fine as curtains till your actual curtains come in

– better late than never to get into the home owners game

– it’s your first home. Your decor won’t be perfect straight away.

– learn to shop around for the big ticket items. I generally went for 3 quotes.


& that’s pretty much it, I think.. hope you enjoyed my post


till then. Take care ❤️