Holy month of Ramadan 2018

Holy month of Ramadan 2018

Salaam to all of you

That means hello in the religion, Muslim. It’s meant to be warm and from our hearts. Well it is for me ❤️

It can be said when entering a home or just day to day.

But the meaning of this post, I wanted to do it with a willing to build a bridge for us muslims to the non Muslims. Oh. I wish we could do that but at least wanted to give you some knowledge into the month of Ramadan.


Its a month within the year that muslims fast. Which means we can’t eat food, drink water or even have a lollie(& much more but will go through that later) We eat whatever we want and drink before sunrise and after sunset. Us australians have it pretty darn easy compared to the rest of the world, let me give you an example. It’s winter here, so it’s not like you’re dying of thirst because it’s 49 degrees outside,  ( derrr cause it’s winter ❄️) and because you can only before sunrise and after sunset, it means your days are shorter. Boom, so easy !

Look, I ain’t a perfect Muslim. I am not a full practising one. But I’m trying to become a better one. So this year was the first year I attempted fasting. I didn’t do the whole 30 days like most I attempted a few days of when I could and not be working. I work in retail and chances are I will receive some bad customers and standing their all day not drinking water is very hard. I tried it one day and couldn’t stand for very long.


Ok the eating and drinking part I found the easiest, it’s the reacting to the bad customers – oh another thing you can’t do within the times you’re not eating and drinking are listed below :

• Have a bad temper

• intercourse – you’d be too tired during the day lol

• swearing

• lie !


The positives of the month of Ramadan :


• the holiest month of our year: you do good for anyone and it will come back twice as good for you. ( or maybe 3!?)

• give back : donate, give blood, help the needy, feed the homeless

• anything that is selfless

• well known fact but it is actually good for your body. The first few days I tried doing it, my body was cleaning out in all sorts of ways that I don’t really want to share on my blog but it def gets rid of the toxins for the body and soul. Therefore, we’re generally happier.

Now, there are some exceptions to fasting.

• you’re sick ( not a cold sick but more like diabetes or cancer )

• Aunty flow come to town lol


But in the end of the day, we do the same things when it comes to the end of Ramadan and when eid starts, we get together as a family and we eat lol we go out or we stay in and have family time together. Just no different to Christmas or any other religious celebration isn’t it? It’s all about family and food – yum ❤️



Thanks guys for reading my post, hope you enjoyed it