The Cancer Council

The Cancer Council

Hi guys,

How are we? it’s been a while since I’ve done a big big blog post so I’d thought share some event details that occurred in May ( sorry I’m so behind )

Anyway the AAIS committee ( Albanian Australian Islamic society) invited me to become their photographer  on the 6th Of May 2018.. a committee that I’ve grown up with and evolved to the woman I am today. Without this group, I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today, writing this post for you.

It was a beautiful day, every young girl from the age of 13 to my grandparents age was there and I was proud and in fact honoured. I felt like I was alive specifically for this day. I just wish my dad was around to see this.  I know he’d be so proud.

In saying that, this day was no ordinary day. It was to raise money for the Cancer council. & that, they did. They apparently had raised over $4000 !! Insane amount. It was ladies day and it was full of sweets and savouries. They got a lot of donations from the local bakeries as well as a lot of committee members offering their time and offerings of our traditional Albanian cuisines. Yum!

We we also had 2 ladies give us a talk about their experience with cancer. Without going into detail, it was kind blowing. I think they felt like me for the sense that , they were alive specially for that day to talk to us, to empower us, as women to give regular checks and look after each other. So please ladies & gents,     check yourself. Check everywhere. Get blood tests & specificially ask for certain cancers and your GP will know what to do from there & what tests you will need.

Did you know I use to donate for the Cancer council way back in the day? ( talking over 10 years ago) and sell the Daffodils 🌼 for Daffodil day in the city? It was volunteering work, not paid at all, but it’s funny how life works.

I was passionate about the Cancer council before my dad got diagnosed with Lyphoma cancer … I mean life isn’t meant to be easy but it sure is trippy .. the stars aligned for me to be working and helping people and giving recognition for the Cancer council. Cancer is becoming the next plague and it feels like you get a cancer first, then a cold. It’s too common so we need to make that difference. Life isn’t meant to be easy but these days of giving back matter. Life has definitely sent me curve balls but I felt like it was all for a good reason. All for a good cause.


Anyway I’ve decided to share SOME photos from that day so you can see what I’ve done. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post ❤️