Terre De Lumiere

Terre De Lumiere

Hi guys,


You following my Instagram yet? You really need to. Firstly before we go any further, I decided to give makeup hlogging some quits. I’ll be doing more skincare, lifestyle, fashion, coffee and etc. I’ve never really been into makeup anyway so this decision was made a hard one but it’s fine 😊

I’ve decided to dig into perfumes as I find I am more passionate about them anyway. But with a twist! Not only will I take pretty pictures of them but I’ll post an outfit with those beautiful perfume bottles. This brain wave came to me the other day, after this draft was made – obviously 🙄 – so stay tuned for the next.

Anyway, for my first perfume review I got gifted his L’Occitane Eau De Toilette. So here’s my review:


A light scent not like her older sister – she doesn’t have layers but damn she pretty. Something  you can add on and compliments any skin type. Now it’s eau de toilette and generally that means it can last 3 to 4 hours on the skin but I’d suggest getting the body cream or shower gel to make it last that bit longer. Also comes with a hand cream –  FYI 😏😉

L’occitane aren’t well known for their perfumes but I dont know why they should be . They smell feminine and are very light.

When I look at the bottle, I find it so uniquely cute and fits into the cradle of your handle, perfectly…


.. so what do you think of my first perfume review ?


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This Eau De toilette was gifted to me ❤️