Neutrogena Deep Clean

Neutrogena Deep Clean

hi guys ,


I am really having a lot of fun with skin care at the moment and I want to give you a honest review of the Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser, so here goes :

A nice texturised cream, that definitely keeps up to it’s name. You know, this is the improved formula. The first formula I tried and I did not like it. It is nothing like this one and I’m glad that I have found it.

Anyway, she’s available in a lot of places like Priceline as well as Kmart funny enough but don’t be fooled because of the price tag. She’s luxurious and my skin feels clean. I used it morning and night and to remove my makeup, I do a double cleanse.

I compare the clean like you know when you wash your dishes so good that it makes that squeaky clean  noise when you rub it? That’s it with this ! My skin felt like a good old cleaned plate haha


So all in all, it’s something I definitely recommend.

Watch this space, I have some more reviews coming up ❤️