Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

  A mother: the most unappreciated jobs in the whole world.

Since the loss of my dad and my other family members that were men and she was close with , I have learnt so much from my mum .. I have definitely learnt, you need a good support system to get through the hard times.  Let them be women.

My mum has also taught me that you have to definitely learn to stand on your own two feet. These feet will walk you through life with your head held high.

My parents have always been into mothers and Father’s Day – suprisingly. In Albanian culture these days don’t exist but that’s one of the beauties of coming to a new country for my parents. To adapt to the local culture and for Australians and every other country it’s about celebrating the mother and Father’s Day. But to be really real, it was about spending time together as a family. Even though we fight and say mean things to each other, in the end of the day we’re family & family sticks together through thick and thin.

To be even more real, every day is mother’s day and Father’s Day. Respect for parents is a blessing and how your treat your parents, represents you.  I can’t inagine my life without my mother as much as I can be so independent. She has shown me so much since dad has died and I hope I can learn from her as much as she has learned from me.

For todays shoot. I decided to add some black into my blog ( what’s new ?!) lol 😂 I love my black as you know – in case you didn’t, you might want to check out my archives



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