Colour blocking

Colour blocking

Hey all,


thought I’d write about some fashion & style.

Now all you know how much I love my all black outfits with pops of colour but on this post I decide to do some serious colour blocking!

Get ready and hold onto your seats.

The first outfit was something I literally threw on. Top is Kmart and skirt was from the Iconic. I like mixing navy blue and orange together as a colour combo and this top was just cute ( from afar it looks black and white but it’s not lol)

For the second outfit, the blue dress was a dress I bought for my 25th birthday and yes it’s a dress. Now I still cant believe this still fits me but it does , but for this outfit I decided to make it like a top. For going out kind of outfits, I love wearing off the shoulder style and this has so much bling, I just had to wear it. I kept my jewels minimal as obviously the “top” has it all.

Anyway, since I’ve done these outfits I want to incorporate more colour and make these outfits more visible on my blog but still make it me. So still elegant but colourful and fun.


What do you think of these ? What’s your fave colour combo to mix up? Don’t forget to follow me on insta   


jenet ❤️❤️