Sukin Skin care

Sukin Skin care

Hey all,


I asked you guys for a review of the Sukin Skin care products that I bought from my local pharmacy and here goes.



Sukin cream cleanser: straight up to the point. I am not a fan of this. My skin gets thrashed with makeup because of work and I felt like it didn’t clean my skin. My skin type is combination and the way around this was I used a wipe before I used the cream cleanser in order for my makeup to be removed. But if your skin is sensitive and you don’t wear tones of makeup I’d recommend it. This is a more natural product that is for skin that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. The cream cleanser is definitely soft and subtle. Felt good in my hands.




Hydrating Mist Toner: a simple response. Not bad. Wasn’t as cooling as some of the others in the market, but it still felt good after I used the cream cleanser. Again, if you had sensitive skin and was using the cream cleanser I’d use this for sure. I would try this again as it feels nice on the skin and smells like I’m in a rain forest 🌳


Moisture restoring night cream. My holy grail ! After a long day in retail, feeling like absolutely c*** because of the air icon and bright lights and the heavy makeup this felt good after a long day. I’ve been using this for a long time and after removing all the grime off my face this is heaven on my skin. I’d recommend this 100% and even if you have a combo skin type !


This post was no intention to offend the brand but I wanted to say my opinion & my whole opinion


Please note these are my opinions of these products. I bought these with my own money and wanted to be honest with what I like and didn’t. This is no way an attack on the brand itself.