#workflow 1

#workflow 1

Hey all,

Not sure if ive ever done a post about work but work consumes our everyday lives. We are there more than our own homes and are surrounded by the same people more than our own family. You can either love it or hate it lol. I eventually would love to make my full time job as a fashion blogger, but that’s just a little about me but in the mean time, I am working so I can pay my bills and live till the blog makes money in itself.

Anyway, I’ve  been working for what feels like a long time and have gone from corporate world to the customer service/ premium retailer. So dressing professional for work and interviews is my forte. I simply love the looks that come out of it but also love the classic looks you can make. So a follower on my Instagram page had asked for some looks so I decided to style some. I literally bought this cardigan from Zara just the other day  & I owe a coffee to the person that can guess why I bought it.

Trust me it’s not hard lol nevertheless, no matter what industry, dressing professional is apart of what is expected.

For this post, I’m showing a classic cardigan like this and style an outfit that you can wear to work or an interview. It’s about looking polished but without the big bucks.

What else would you like to see? Love to hear from you

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Take care, Jenet



Cardigan is from Zara that I bought myself