February Haul 2018

February Haul 2018

Hi guys,

This is my first haul! So excited as I’ll be adding these to the blog as well as my YouTube Channel. (User name: Elegance of she ) 🤭 . I don’t know how I’m going to do this ( & this includes my YouTube channel) but it’s just trial and error. Might do it every 3 Months or every month. These will range from makeup to skincare to general well being and also a bit of home as well as fashion and accessories ! Ohhh don’t forget shoes ❤️ . Decided to keep this post super short and sweet. Enjoy

1. Revlon Ultra HD matte lip colour and Revlon colour stay.


2. Brooch from Erst Wilder

3. Matte Nude eyeshadow palette from The Balm, Verveine Shower gel , Shea butter hand cream & 100% Shea butter ( so many uses for that little tin!) from L’occitane as well as little mini Matte lipsticks from The Balm as apart of gift with purchase.

4. My sister got me this brooch ( pearl necklace is for decorative purposes 😂) from Lovisa. Costumer jewellery is my ultimate favourite but also the fact is I love brooches.

5. I know a lot of people will be ultimately jealous but I got this pillow from Kmart for $9. Just to add some dimension to my bedding and it is the perfect shade of pink! I am loving this pink at the moment but if I fall out of love with it, I don’t mind. It was just $9! #sorrynotsorry

6. The ultimate blazer. Going to do a YouTube video on the “classics” & this blazer will be included.



Thanks  all ❤️

Please note the Erster Wilder brooch was gifted to me as well as the L’Occitane products. The rest of the items have been bought with my own money. Also it was my birthday so I got some presents like the brooch from Lovisa that my sister bought me as a gift and my bestie from Bevilles.