To Stand Alone – for Valentine’s Day

To Stand Alone – for Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day post of a different sort.  I am here to be push you through and remind yourself, if you’re alone-  it’s ok.

I am still single and I am so comfortable with it, I am fine.

But there’s another kind of alone that will test you. The one that, if you believe in something so badly and no one else does, alone. – if that make sense.

Ok there is no denying it, I am stubborn as a mule but certain situations have test my faith in humanity and has lead me no choice but to “walk and stand alone “

Hey, I’m ok with this / in fact better than ok. The people that were meant to be in my life have stood and walked with me in my life down my rocky path. Saying that, it has cemented my future more than ever and if anything from this post, I want you to remind yourself darling, you’re amazing! Don’t let any fool tell you otherwise and also a reminder that your life doesn’t need to be referred to a man. Be the woman you want these younger girls to aspire from cause my darling they’re in need of some guidance and also they need to see that girls do have skills in this world.


They don’t just promote diet pills on insta and use the hashtag #ad . They’re educating themselves and finding skills they thought they could never have.


Anyway, if you aren’t single and are doing something for valentines, please enjoy ❤️


Love , Jenet  x