Rodan & Fields – Redefine range

Rodan & Fields – Redefine range

Rodan and Fields Redefine range was gifted to me and wanted to do a full review of what I thought. So here goes:

To be honest, I was bit negative Nancy about using a new product but since I started using it, my skin has never felt so clean and firmer. Cleaner as in, no excess makeup as a residue and firmer as in more exfoliated and much more soft.

Firstly a shoutout to the consistency of the cleanser. Cream cleansers are built to hydrate the skin as you get older as the gel ones that we used in our teens are no longer suited for our skin. Also, the consistency is ultra luxurious but also it has micro beading in it, so it provides you a slight exfoliation that isn’t too harsh on the skin.

As much as my skin care regime is very simple, this was easy to follow.

In the morning before you do your make up I recommend:



-tone &

-use the AM cream as this has got sunscreen included in the cream which is great for the skin as we know.


In the PM I’d recommend


and second



-tone &

-then use the PM ( don’t worry it’s marked clearly for you to see)

The cream for the night is specifically designed for the night as the night time is a great time for your skin to soak up all the goodness for the cream. Overnight your skin is working to make it better for the next day. Honestly, when you wake up, you feel the difference! All in all, I’d recommend these products as my skin is really clean and bounce – ful. Definitely worth the try if you’re over your current skin regime.


Now, this post is not sponsored and in no way am I persuaded to write this. Just look at the before and after photos. Can you see the difference ? What do you think? Have you tried Rodan and Fields? If so, what range ?


Love, Jenet ❤️



After: picture take  26th of January

Before : December 5th 2017

These items were gifted to me and this post is not sponsored. This review is purely my thoughts on these products.