Enbacci Skincare: Apple Revitalising Eye

20161218_12345220161218_12330620161218_12330320161218_122942Hey All,


So in case you didn’t, I was graciously invited to Enbacci & Bloggers United AU event the other weekend at the glam chic location of the Garden room at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Such a fun day filled with Champagne and canape’s, the room was decked to fill the “Garden room” mood. There was a lush flower wall and everything. Don’t worry, us bloggers took advantage of that and the Instagram Printer that was there too.

But now, lets talk about the actual product.


If you didn’t know, Enbacci’s legacy skin care is all about using Fruit Stem Cell for their products. Generally, it’s grape but with this product, it is apple. Yes, APPLE!

Now, even though I don’t look like I am in my 30’s, I have to be proactive on my aging process and get onto it. Using this product, under the eyes and going around in a circular motion, can hydrate the eyes which is one of the first places of premature aging. Wow, look at me sounding all legit and bloggerish (ok, is there such word?)

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day in Melbourne and got the chance to meet a lot of lovely people and of course use the flower wall and that printer! 🙂


Take care yo!



Please note : all these Enbacci products as shown in these pictures have been gifted t0 me ..